How to get your package redelivered in Japan

Feb 29, 2024

How to get your package redelivered in Japan

The access and timeliness of delivery services are one of the most convenient parts of life in Japan.


Although figuring out the process of rescheduling the delivery (when you can’t schedule the delivery time) can be tricky. Furthermore, some parcels need to have the signature of the recipient to be delivered.


When a delivery person is unable to deliver your package, they will leave a Undeliverable Item Notice (Fuzaihyou 不在票) in your mailbox.


These notices have many notes (in Japanese) in regards to the redelivery. To get started on the redelivery, you can scan the QR Code on the notice, pick up your phone, or open up the below links for the redelivery website.

Online Redelivery

JP Post: Entering tracking number/notification number | Application for redelivery | Japan Post

Sagawa Transport: Online Redelivery Request Service (

Note: Yamato Transport only offers it’s redelivery in English via phone (website not supported, auto-translation of website would be required)


With the Undeliverable Item Notice in front of you, follow the instructions on each website for how to input the data and reschedule your package.


Phone Redelivery

JP Post: 0570-046-111 (Daily 8:00-20:00)

Sagawa Transport: 050-3032-9151 (Mon-Fri 9:00-18:00, excluding weekends/National Holidays)

Yamato Transport: 0120-17-9625 (Daily 9:00-18:00)


The operator will guide you through scheduling the redelivery.


QR Code Redelivery

The below example is for JP Post, which handles most personal mail sent from overseas to Japan and domestic mail needing signatures (mostly from banks/Embassies etc.)

Note: JP Post does not allow for redelivery until item delivery has already been attempted once.


1. Reading the QR Code: You will be directed to this page:



2. Scroll down until you see the ‘Apply for Redelivery in English’ link and click on the link.



3. Follow the English page with instructions on rescheduling your delivery.

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