Grocery Delivery Options in Japan

Apr 06, 2020

Grocery Delivery Options in Japan

In the wake of COVID-19, the daily life and schedules of many have been interrupted. While the government of Japan has yet to announce any kind of lockdown, many are self-quarantining or otherwise attempting to lower their chances of infection. With that in mind please find a list of various food and grocery delivery services available below.

English Language Options

  • The Meat Guy: Offers a wide variety of meats as well as some frozen fruits and vegetables as well.
  • Whole Meat Japan: Offers a wide variety of meats as well as other frozen products.
  • Bio Marche: Offers an English page with instructions for ordering weekly veggie boxes with seasonal organic vegetables. Additional orders can also be made from their Japanese catalog.
  • Costco: Offers home delivery of pre-packaged snacks, candies, soft drinks, and alcohol.
  • Amazon: Offers home delivery of pre-packed snacks, rice, pasta, beverages, cereals, and other side dishes.
  • Uber Eats: While Uber Eats does not offer grocery delivery, it does offer delivery for many restaurants across all of Japan. While the site is available in English, language support may vary by restaurant.

Japanese Language Only Options

There are many other options available as well, but many are limited to Japanese only sites. The below options all feature pictures of the items making shopping easy. Using the google translate plugin with your browser should also allow you to complete the registration without much hassle.

  • AEON: The parent company of several supermarket chains offers delivery from their local shops online. Enter your postcode and select your local store to begin shopping.
  • AMICA: Another large supermarket chain, offering access to everything you may find instore online.
  • Radish Boya: An all Japanese site offering a wide variety of fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, fish and other products.
  • COOP E-Friends: COOP Aichi offers a similar site to those above as well as a phone app allowing shopping on the go as well.

In addition, delivery can be arranged through many other stores as well. Please visit your local grocery store to find out more about delivery options.

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