Great Places for a Date in Kumamoto

ByJustin Hanus
May 19, 2023

Great Places for a Date in Kumamoto

Kumamoto has many romantic spots that are ideal for a date. Whether you’re looking for places to spend the weekend together or want somewhere you can go for a few hours after work, you have some great options.

Suizenji Jojuen Garden

A highlight of Kumamoto for tourists and a romantic spot is Suizenji Jojuen Garden. This traditional garden has miniatures of many Japanese landmarks, including Mount Fuji. You can walk around the entire garden in an hour or two (depending on how long you stop to look at the monuments). End your date with a tea steeped in high-quality spring water and perhaps some local ikinari dango cake at the teahouse.

Unganzenji Temple

Another idea for an active date is to visit Unganzenji Temple, where you can explore Reigando Cave. This will be particularly popular with anyone interested in samurai because it was here that the ronin Miyamoto Musashi spent the last months of his life writing The Book of Five Rings and meditating. There are suggestions that he is also buried here.


If you’re looking for a romantic restaurant for dinner, consider Benkei. It’s a great place to try sushi made with local fish from Kumamoto, including some you won’t find elsewhere in the country. If meat is more your thing, you can order the beef platter.


An alternative option for a dinner date is Indoshokudo. Unlike most restaurants in the area, it serves Indian rather than Japanese food. The dishes are authentic — the owner took cooking workshops in India. The menu consists of one vegetarian and one non-vegetarian option, both available for a reasonable price.

69 Spirits

You have plenty of bars in Kumamoto if you want to go for drinks rather than a full meal. 69 Spirits is an excellent choice because it specializes in shochu from the area. It has a wide range, giving you the chance to explore a range of styles and flavors.

Yachiyoza Theater

Located in Yamaga, Yachiyoza Theater was founded in 1911 to give kabuki performances — a classic form of theater that combines dance and drama and is enhanced by the actors’ elaborate costumes and makeup. You could watch a performance or take a tour of the theater to see the architecture of the building and visit the museum, where you can view items from previous performances.

Monzenmachi Shopping Street

For a completely different type of date, head to Monzemachi. This shopping street in Aso City dates back to ancient times, although it didn’t become popular until World War II. In addition to the shops and restaurants, there are many natural springs. These are connected to water fountains along the street. Make sure you also pay a visit to Aso Shrine — it’s one of the oldest in the country.

Choose your favorite of these options for your next date, and keep the rest in mind for a future date.

STA3816, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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