Hanging Out at Forest Adventure Shinshiro in Aichi Prefecture

ByBert Wishart
Mar 28, 2019

Hanging Out at Forest Adventure Shinshiro in Aichi Prefecture

Do you feel at one with nature? Do you prefer to be up in the trees than down on the ground? Or perhaps you have a little monkey who is climbing the walls this holiday? If you find yourself nodding along, or even just curious, get yourself along to Forest Adventure Shinshiro.

About Forest Adventure Shinshiro

Forest Adventure Shinshiro is an off-ground adventure facility, an “outdoor park in harmony with nature,” within Shinshiro City’s expansive, forested General Park.

Covering some 8,000 square meters of the park, Forest Adventure Shinshiro challenges visitors to navigate gang-walks and wires high into the tree line. With a total of 39 activities spread across five courses, it is one of only 25 facilities of its kind in the country, and the only one in Aichi.

The courses are divided into three levels of difficulty, with the hardest (and most exciting!) being the ‘Adventure’ course. Here you will be high off the ground for the longest of time, ride a thrilling ‘Tarzan Swing’ and finish by flying along a 100-meter zip line.

For those who are a little unsure about being suspended in the air for all that time, or just want to get a feel for it before graduating to the Adventure Course, the Discovery Course is a little easier, and easier still is the Canopy Course.

Safe Fun for the Family

Though it sounds like the domain of action men and women, or a grueling military exercise, Forest Adventure Shinshiro is, in fact, a great day out for all of the family, with the Canopy Course open to children from 110 centimeters (though children must be 140cm to enjoy the Adventure Course).

As such, safety is paramount, and there is a constant emphasis on personal responsibility. There is an extensive training course at the beginning of the activity, with training on the belay system especially important. As this may be difficult for small children, the Canopy Course has a continuous belay system that does not require uncoupling.

Forest Adventure Shinshiro Details

It takes between two and two and a half hours to complete the Adventure Course. While some basic level of fitness is probably advantageous, it is not strictly necessary as many of the activities are light work, and the safety harness supports your weight. However, the more you can do without their help, the more exciting it will be!

Where: 40 Hiyoita, Asaya, Shinshiro-City, Aichi Prefecture (map)
Getting there: Seven minutes by car from the Shinshiro I.C. of the Shin-Tomei Expressway
Website: foret-aventure.jp/eng
Admission: 3,600 JPY for all ages

Images: via https://www.fa-shinshiro.com/ – Modified

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