13th Annual Charity Soccer Tournament in Yokohama

ByRay Proper
Apr 18, 2017

13th Annual Charity Soccer Tournament in Yokohama

Once again our annual Charity Soccer day is fast approaching, and with the current struggles we see around the world from famine in Africa to humanitarian crisis’ is Europe & the middle east, our beneficiary Refugees International Japan (RIJ), is in much need of our and your ongoing support. Please read all about last years event here.

RIJ raises funds to support projects that provide opportunities for refugees to build their own independence and thus for a stable, brighter future. Their mission focuses on improving the health, education, and economic livelihoods of people displaced by conflict around the world. RIJ channels its funding towards sustainable, community ¬led projects implemented by experienced organizations working with refugees in the field.

Their philosophy is to support refugees within their same culture or a culture very similar to their own; with the ultimate goal of a safe and dignified return home. When refugees are living within their culture, they are more likely to integrate and contribute positively to their host communities. RIJ has worked with refugees around the world for more than 35 years and has witnessed the success of vast number of projects as their own beneficiaries have become self¬sufficient and go on to make valuable contributions to their communities.

2017 Charity Soccer Day

This year’s Charity Soccer day will be held on Saturday May 27th at the Yokohama Country & Athletic Club, with the children’s competition being held in the morning and adult’s tournament in the afternoon.

Website: www.footyjapancompetitions.com/events/charity-soccer-7s

Organized by Footy Japan and hosted by NPO Centre Circle, we will be once again looking to raise money through financial sponsorship and or prize (raffle) donations, please see the attached sponsorship request form for further details. We do hope you are in a position to help us raise money again this year for such a worthwhile cause.

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