Flower Power! Getting Outdoors And Staying Safe

ByBert Wishart
Apr 30, 2021

Flower Power! Getting Outdoors And Staying Safe

It’s frustrating. Every time it feels like Aichi has turned a corona corner, there’s another spike, followed by tighter restrictions, and yet more events fall by the wayside. Of course, we want to be responsible and halt the spread, but there is a mental strain that results from spending so much time doing nothing, often at home.

Fortunately, the weather has improved, and it is yet to become as hot as the surface of Mercury, which means that we can at least get outside and be socially distanced. So, why not take the opportunity to get some fresh air and see some of the region’s beautiful parks and flower displays?

Higashiyama Botanical Gardens

With everything taken into account, Higashiyama’s Botanical Gardens are home to some 7,000 species of plants. As the Gardens celebrate their 65th spring festival this month, now is a great time to visit.

No matter what kind of flower tickles your fancy – weeping cherry blossoms, the rose garden, Japan’s largest tropical greenhouse, or just fields of bright color – you should be able to find it here.

Where: Nagoya, Chikusa Ward, Higashiyama Motomachi, 3 Chome− 70 (map)
Website: higashiyama.city.nagoya.jp

Yatsuhashi Kakitsubata Festival

Held on the grounds of Muryojuji Temple in Chiryu, the kaiyu-style [Japanese garden designed for strolling in] Yatsuhashi Kakitsubata Garden is a 13,000 square meter grounds that include some 16 ponds. However, from late April to late May, the annual Shiseki Yatsuhashi Kakitsubata Matsuri flower festival is the biggest draw, bringing some 160,000 tourists every year from all over the country.

The stars of the show are the varieties of iris, particularly the ‘hana-shobu,’ with yellow hues near its petal base, the intricately petaled ‘ayame,’ and the delicate white ‘kakitsubata.’ In addition, throughout the festival (April 25 to May 19, 2021) there are a variety of traditional events being held, such as tea ceremonies, dances and koto performances.

Where: Jinai-61-1 Yatsuhashicho, Chiryu (map)
Tel: +81566814028

Okazaki Higashi Park

If that’s not enough irises for you, then you should be able to sate your desire for the delicate purple blooms at Okazaki Higashi Park. Here you can find 2,900 square meters covered with around 10,000 irises from 120 species, and what’s more, they are all labeled, so you can learn exactly what it is that you are looking at.

Furthermore, once you have enjoyed the flowers, why not pop over to the mini zoo nearby and visit the animals. It’s quite a small zoo, but it is free to get in and perfectly rounds off a day strolling amongst nature.

Where: Okazaki, Kakemachi, 1 Oyamada (map)
Website: city.okazaki.lg.jp

Shonai Ryokuchi Park

With its boating pond, cycle track, dog park, and barbecue pits, Shonai Ryokuchi Park is a great place to visit all year round. However, the park’s Early Summer Flower Festival is perhaps the best time to check it out, as this is when the rose garden is in full bloom.

Some 70 different varieties of rose amongst the 2,500 shrubs reach their full bloom in mid-May. And once you’ve taken in a lungful of their fresh scents, you can head over to the nearby Green Plaza and sample the limited edition rose-flavored ice cream.

Where: 3527 Yamadacho Oaza Kamiotai, Nishi Ward, Nagoya (map)
Website: shonai-ryokuchi.jp

Image: By Foto Captor via flickr.com [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]
Image: By Sen Itto via flickr.com [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]
Image: By Toshihiro Gamo via flickr.com [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]
Image: By Bong Grit via flickr.com [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]
Image: By Bong Grit via flickr.com [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]

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