English Information For Friends Toyota – Learn About Japanese Green Tea

Jan 17, 2019

English Information For Friends Toyota – Learn About Japanese Green Tea

Learn All About “Japanese Green Tea” with English Support

  • Where: Cooking room, Gender Equality Promotion Center, 2F Toyota Industry and Culture Center
  • Participants: Foreign residents and their Japanese friends who live in and around Toyota City;
    The maximum number of participants accepted: 20 (adults and children over 6 years old *Children under 6 are not admitted in the cooking room.)
  • Content:
  1.  Short talk on health benefits and brewing techniques of green tea
  2. Experience grinding the tea leaves with a stone grinder ③Making and tasting a bowl of matcha. ④Tasting different types of Japanese tea.
  3. Tasting rice balls with green tea leaves ⑥Making and tasting of matcha ice cream (Explanation in English and Japanese )
  • Guest speaker and instructor: Mr. Yoshitaka Noba, Tea producer/ connoisseur (Tea Assessment Technique Level 6)
  • Fee: 500 yen (includes ingredients, same fee for all participants)

Special classes for families who participate in the “Japanese Tea” class

  • Baby Massage Class
  • Where: Nursery
  • Instructor: Ms. Risako Matsui
  • Free of charge *Bring your own bath towel.

Origami Class

  • Where: Nursery
  • Instructor: Ms. Shigeko Imai
    Free of charge
    *Maximum number of participants accepted in the Nursery: 18 people (Children and their caretakers)
    *Registration required
    *Not for child care purpose. Please participate together with your child.


Registration: Starts from February 5th 10:00 a.m.

Call Toyota International Association, Tel: 0565-37-0400 (TIA)
or contact TIA Volunteer group E-IFF e-mail: enjoytoyota05(at)yahoo.co.jp with your name, phone number and e-mail address. (We will contact you in case the event is cancelled.)

English Information for Friends EIFF

Presented by English Information For Friends (E-IFF), an group of volunteers associated with the Toyota International Association of Toyota city.


By Robert Donovan from Franklin, TN, USA (IMGP1477.JPG) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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