Chilling and Grilling In Tokyo

ByMichael Stigall
Apr 28, 2023

Chilling and Grilling In Tokyo

It’s almost time for grilling. Grilling in Japan isn’t the same as back home, but it gets the job done. Just some good weather, a barbecue, and some lovely refreshments are all I need to make my weekend complete. That said, I firmly believe that the best barbecue is the one you grill yourself. You may think this would be difficult in the city, with limited yard and garden space, but in actual fact, there are plenty of spots around Tokyo to get your grill on.

Sona Area Tokyo BBQ Garden

This barbecue area in Ariake is perfect for those of you who have absolutely no equipment, including food. You can turn up at Sona Area Tokyo BBQ Garden empty-handed, and for a fee, you can rent equipment – including tarps for sitting on and under – and buy the food to cook. The length of stay is restricted to three hours.

Where3 Chome-8-35 Ariake, Koto

Showa Memorial Park

Like the Sona Area BBQ Garden above, Showa Memorial Park is great for inner-city barbecuing if you have no equipment. You can rent entire BBQ sets, including utensils, and buy dinner platters, including seafood, noodles, or (of course) meat. Pets are allowed as long as they are on a leash, and Showa Memorial Park is a lovely spot to wander around once you have had your fill.

Where3173 Midori-cho, Tachikawa City

Wild Magic

If you like camping in the great outdoors as you barbecue your dinner but have neither the time, opportunity or even desire to get to the great outdoors, then this urban outdoor park may be your kind of thing. Perfect for families, this ‘glamping’ experience includes high-end BBQ facilities, events, and a workshop area. They even have an all-you-can-drink option, so this is definitely the option for having a party.

Where6-1-23 Toyosu, Koto-ku

Tamagawa Ryokuchi Park

After a day sweating over a hot BBQ stove, sometimes you (or at least your kids) may want to take a quick dip to cool off, which is one of the reasons why the barbecue garden at Tamagawa Ryokuchi Park is a good option for families. Just a five-minute walk from Fukato Tamagawa station, you can rent equipment, but you must bring your own food. Tamagawa Ryokuchi Park is a good choice for cooling off, and if you want to choose what you grill. 

WhereSeta, Takatsu Ward, Kawasaki, Kanagawa

Tatsuminomori Seaside Park

As well as a barbecue spot with cleaning facilities, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy at Tatsuminomori Seaside Park. Whether pétanque, mini-golf, or tennis, you can find something to work off all that barbecued food. There is also a pet run, but unfortunately, pets are not allowed in the BBQ area.

Where2-1-35 Tatsumi, Koto

Yumenoshima Park

Like at Tatsuminomori Seaside Park, you must bring equipment and food to Yumenoshima Park. However, should you do so, you will find that the park lives up to its name, Island of Dreams. It is a pretty little man-made park with a tropical greenhouse dome featuring various plants from the Ogasawara Islands; there is even a waterfall.

Where: Yumenoshima, Koto

domdomegg, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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