Boat Trips in Hiroshima

Apr 30, 2024 By Justin Hanus

With six rivers and a bay leading out to the Seto Inland Sea, Hiroshima prefecture offers ample opportunities for charming and relaxing boat trips where you can see the sights while drifting along on the water. With summer on the doorstep, it’s the perfect time to plan a cruise. You...[ Click to read more ]

Summer Days Out in Hiroshima

By Justin Hanus

Surrounded by sea, mountains and pretty waterways, Hiroshima is something of an ideal location to spend away the summer months. If you find yourself with a spare day or two in the prefecture and don’t want to travel too far out, there are plenty of great places to escape to....[ Click to read more ]

New Spots to Visit Around Kansai

Apr 26, 2024 By Justin Hanus

The pandemic shut down everything in Japan for a while, but Kansai has now bounced back with a number of new attractions. This makes right now a great time to rediscover Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, and Nara. 1. Super Nintendo World The latest addition to Universal Studios Japan is Super Nintendo...[ Click to read more ]

New Attractions on Kyushu Island

By Justin Hanus

Across Kyushu, several new attractions have opened in the past few years. Whether you’re visiting Kumamoto, Kitakyushu, or Fukuoka, there’s plenty to see and do. 1. Kumamoto Castle Reconstruction The 2016 earthquakes severely damaged Kumamoto Castle. Although the reconstruction will likely continue until 2030, visitors are now at least able...[ Click to read more ]

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Where to Learn About the Hiroshima Bombing

Mar 26, 2024 By Justin Hanus

Hiroshima is probably the place more associated with bombing than anywhere else in the world due to the 1945 atomic attacks that destroyed large parts of the city center and left over 200,000 dead. Today, it’s a growing and thriving prefecture that has emerged from the shadows of this tragedy,...[ Click to read more ]

What to Expect from the Reopened Kansai International Airport

Mar 25, 2024 By Justin Hanus

After closing for renovations in 2021, the international terminal of Kansai International Airport reopened in December 2022. This was its first major renovation since it opened in 1994. A variety of new restaurants and shopping areas await travelers visiting Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, and other cities in Kansai. Greater Capacity The...[ Click to read more ]

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Day Trips – Kanazawa

Feb 29, 2024 By Bert Wishart

Nestled along the western coast of Japan, Kanazawa in Ishikawa Prefecture is a great example of modern Japan settling side-by-side with its history. It is a city that retains much of its classic samurai-era charm through its labyrinthine and meticulously preserved historical districts. It is also a city of surprisingly...[ Click to read more ]

Where to Go in Hiroshima for Unique Amulets and Votive Tablets

Jan 31, 2024 By Justin Hanus

A modern way to attract visitors to a particular shrine or temple is to offer amulets and votive plaques. Each is a representation of the place, meaning it can be a great reminder about where you visited. Some of the amulets and votive plaques available from the shrines and temples...[ Click to read more ]

Day Trips – History, Heritage, and Natural Beauty in Toyokawa

By Bert Wishart

About 75 minutes east of Nagoya, in the Mikawa Bay region, lies Toyokawa, a small city with a lot of spirituality and individuality. Though it is generally overlooked by the tourism industry as little more than a once-industrial town, it is in fact an area known locally for its rich...[ Click to read more ]

Himakajima – Aichi’s Octopus Island

Jan 29, 2024 By Bert Wishart

Have you ever wondered what the planet would look like if it was taken over by octopuses? No? Ah, well that kind of messes up my introduction to this article. But let's imagine you had said yes, because I would now say 'Well, imagine no more, just head over to...[ Click to read more ]

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