Best Places to Eat Kaiseki in Kobe

Mar 25, 2020 By Justin Hanus

Kobe may be famous for its beef, but the city is a culinary center. While you’re in Kobe, you should consider having a kaiseki dining experience. What Is Kaiseki? Kaiseki is a traditional style of dinner in Japan consisting of multiple courses. Initially, you would only find these meals in...[ Click to read more ]

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Where to Find the Best Beers in Kansai

By Justin Hanus

Kansai is a well-known region of Japan for cuisine. What's not so widely known is that the area is also a hotbed for beer. One of the best known Japanese beers – Suntory – comes from Kansai, but there are many fine lesser-known brews that beer connoisseurs should know. Since...[ Click to read more ]

Sports You Can Join in Kobe

Mar 15, 2020 By Justin Hanus

With Tokyo hosting the summer Olympics this year, Japan is on a sporting buzz. What better time to get active and try something new? Venues such as the Kobe Port Island Sports Center are providing pre-Olympic training facilities, and there are many sports parks and gymnasiums offering classes in the...[ Click to read more ]

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Where to Enjoy Jazz in Kobe

Feb 26, 2020 By Justin Hanus

If you’re a jazz fan, Kobe is a place you must visit during your time in Japan. The city is arguably the origin of jazz in Japan as it was here in April 1923 that the first professional jazz band was formed. Plus, Louis Armstrong and his orchestra famously visited...[ Click to read more ]

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Top Cities to Visit in the Kansai Region

Feb 25, 2020 By Justin Hanus

You’ve undoubtedly heard of Osaka and Kyoto, but there’s so much more to see in the Kansai region of Japan. Some cities are vibrant and noisy, others are peaceful and relaxed, but all have something unique to offer. Osaka One of the top tourist destinations in the country, Osaka is...[ Click to read more ]

Expat Social Groups in Kobe

By Justin Hanus

If you're new to Kobe, you might want to know what the social scene is like regarding expats in the city. There are around 44,000 foreign residents in Kobe – approximately 3% of the city's population – with distinct communities forming social clubs and groups over time. These range from...[ Click to read more ]

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“Girls Day” Hinamatsuri Celebrations in Kansai

By Justin Hanus

If you're an expat living in Japan, it's highly likely that you will experience Hinamatsuri. This special day dedicated to girls and their families takes place every March 3rd across the country when you can expect to see ceramic doll displays, special foods and sometimes even songs. What is Hinamatsuri?...[ Click to read more ]

Spring Days Out in Kobe

By Justin Hanus

With spring approaching, warming weather, and the nights drawing out it's a great time to start planning a few days experiencing the great outdoors and sampling Kobe's natural delights. Here is a selection of things to do and places to visit over the next couple of months. Have a Hanami...[ Click to read more ]

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Top Hanami Sites Near Kobe

Feb 09, 2020 By Justin Hanus

Spring is just around the corner, which for many Japanese residents means Hanami time is here again. Hanami means “flower viewing” in Japanese (from the Japanese for flower - “hana”) and, up and down the country, people gather together to spend time with each other and appreciate the beauty of...[ Click to read more ]

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The Best Museums in Kobe

Jan 28, 2020 By Justin Hanus

Kobe may only be a small city, but it’s packed with fascinating museums. Many are well known, but there are some that few tourists discover. Kobe City Museum The building alone of the Kobe City Museum is worth seeing. Formerly the Kobe branch of the Yokohama Specie Bank, it was...[ Click to read more ]

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