Buying Christmas Trees in Kobe 2019

Nov 18, 2019

Buying Christmas Trees in Kobe 2019

You won’t see a Christmas tree through the window of every home in Japan, but they are growing in popularity across the country. Several stores now sell trees and associated decorations, although the traditional pine trees are hard to come by.

If you fancy getting into the festive spirit, even if it’s just erecting a miniature decorative tree on the window sill, here’s where you can shop for them.

Real Christmas Trees

IKEA(from November 21)

The local Ikea  is a reasonably good source for trees and decorations.  Best of all, they offer live trees! (Store locator)

Home Centers

Popular for homeware and general household goods, Home Centers also do a limited run of Christmas trees (both real and artificial) and decorations from late autumn each year. Again, you’ll need to be quick off the mark.

Map link to stores in the Kobe area

Artificial Trees


Sells not only a small range of imitation trees but all sorts of other weird and wonderful festive nick-nacks including Christmas lights, lawn reindeer and nativity sets. Costco is definitely a good place to head to if you want to do your Christmas shopping at one locale.

Website link to Kobe store:

Shimo Jima

This store specializes more in wrapping paper, gift tags and other stationery but also sells artificial trees of varying sizes starting at around 3,000 yen. You can browse products in their online catalogue.


Tokyu Hands

Another outlet that sells a range of seasonal merchandise including trees. There are several stores in the Kansai region, including one close to Sannomiya station.



Interesting store that delights in “offering the unexpected”. Christmas-wise, they lean more towards festive lights and decorations, but they do sell a couple of miniature trees if you’re looking to keep your display low-key.

Website: information on stores in the Kobe area


This store’s festive supplies are a bit more upmarket – and pricey – than some of the other options. They do stock a wide range of pretty artificial trees, ranging from 150 cm trees at 10,000 yen to trees over 2-meters priced at 45,000 yen.

Web link to Kansai stores:

Foreign Buyers Club

These online specialists do a fine range of assorted Christmas goodies, including decorations, hampers and all you’ll need to make a fabulous Christmas dinner. They do a good line in imitation pine trees from 7,920 yen.


100 Yen stores

This is a Japanese chain of assorted budget stores where you can pick up a few Christmas bargains. The Daiso store sells small ornamental Christmas trees for 300 yen.


Amazon Japan

If you can’t, or don’t want to, venture to an actual store, there’s always Amazon where you can find an assortment of Christmas goods for home delivery.


Image by Kris De Curtis (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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