Best Cinemas in Kobe

ByJustin Hanus
Jul 19, 2022

Best Cinemas in Kobe

Going to the cinema is a fun pastime in Japan. The Japanese cinema experience is similar to how it is in the US. Cinema-goers can buy snacks such as popcorn and other refreshments, and many cinemas show a range of current movie releases to choose from. You can also find smaller arthouse theaters showing lesser-known and older films in most cities, including Kobe. Expect to watch films in their original language with Japanese subtitles on top.

Here is a selection of the best cinemas you can find in Kobe.

OS Cinemas

OS Cinemas is a Japanese chain with two locations in Kobe: one in Harborland and one in Mint Kobe. It has what you’d expect of a major cineplex, including multiple screens showing a mixture of current worldwide and Japanese releases, a selection of snacks and refreshments, and a smiling and friendly staff. Global films are shown in their original language with Japanese subtitles, while Japanese films are shown in the original language. Standard ticket prices are 1,500 yen, with children getting in for 500 yen.

Website: OS Cinemas

109 Cinema

Another multiplex in the Harborland shopping center is the 109 Cinema. This cinema chain has branches across Japan, with the Kobe location consisting of many screens showing all the biggest releases. Most screens aren’t that large, so it’s a good idea to book tickets in advance. However, there are 3D and 4DX screens that show the biggest releases. It’s a family-friendly cinema that also does late screenings for those busy with work during the day. There is ample parking and plenty of surrounding shops and restaurants if you want to combine a cinema trip with other activities.


Cine Libre

Located within the Kobe Asahi building close to Sannomiya station, Cine Libre is a smaller facility and an altogether more arthouse experience. Screenings are more focused on films that might not get picked up at bigger cinemas, and it is commonly used as a venue for international film festivals that come to Kobe. General viewings cost around 1,900 yen, but there are discounts for members, children, seniors, students, and those with disabilities.


Kobe Art Village Center Cinema

The KAVC is an arts space in Kobe consisting of a hall, gallery, studio, rehearsal space, and cinema. Film screenings here are a purely high-end culture so expect to see the likes of opera performances or cutting-edge documentaries rather than the latest Marvel offering. However, the cinema here is highly-rated in terms of feedback, so it’s worth keeping an eye on listings. Tickets are around 1,700 yen at the standard price, but there are discounts.


Motomachi Movie Theater

This mini movie theater opened in 2010 and has gained a reputation as a fine arthouse cinema showing mostly cult and independent films. It shows around 5-6 movies a day, including Japanese cult screenings and special showings where there is a Q&A session with the director or actors. The cinema is in the Motomachi arcade, about a 10-minute walk from the station. Tickets for showings vary but start at around 1,300 yen.



Cinemakobe is one of the city’s oldest cinemas, opening in 1957. It’s situated in the Shinkaichi neighborhood of Kobe and has two screens that mostly show films a while after their general release at a slightly lower price.


Razgrad, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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