Arimatsu Shibori Festival

ByRay Proper
May 07, 2017

Arimatsu Shibori Festival

Shibori is a style of dyeing cloth in patterns by binding, stitching, folding, twisting, compressing, or capping the fabric before the application of dye, you can think of shibori as a kind of Japanese tie dye, but it is a vastly bigger and more beautiful form of art than that description can encompass.   Arimatsu Village is famous throughout Japan for the quality of its shibori fabrics, a reputation borne of hundreds of years of local experience in the art and business of dying fabric.

One of  the best times to experience Arimasu Village, and the art form they have nurtured, is during the Arimatsu Shibori Festival held annually in early June.  Of course you will be able to do all the usual “matsuri things,” like eating great festival food from the vendors and seeing all the people dressed in yukata enjoying the occasion, but the main focus of this festival is the shibori.  You will see a stunning variety of shibori, on display and for sale, from the simple to the amazingly complex and expensive, and see local artisans producing their art right in front of you.  In some places you may even be able to experience the craft by creating your own shibori.

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Arimatsu Shibori Festival 2017

  • June 3, 4 2017
  • Arimatsu Village – Arimatsu-Narumi Tie-Dying Museum
  • More Info-
  • 052-261-0111

Photo: “Arimatsu Shibori Festival, Midori Ward Nagoya 2009”  by Tomio344456 (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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