8 Most Popular Antique Shops in Kobe

ByJustin Hanus
Mar 23, 2018

8 Most Popular Antique Shops in Kobe

There are a lot of people who have a penchant for antiques or just about anything old that can be used or just put on display in their home. It’s not a cheap hobby considering that these items have values that were appraised for their age and authenticity. Still, enthusiasts head to antique shops to buy a trinket or two to satisfy their cravings.

Some hobbyists also share their treasures and end up selling them for others to take care of. These antique shop owners would be acquiring more valuable pieces of clothing, furniture, ornaments, musical instruments and the like but wouldn’t have the space for them in their homes or shops so it’s a great idea to sell them or put them up for auction for other antique lovers to purchase or bid on.

Museums and antique stores placed the hands of time in a stand still especially in Japan where there are one too many of them. In a place where once upon a time history made east meet west like Kobe, it’s only fitting to preserve its past to remind the future generations that people can coexist and work together to build a community without influencing each other too much. If you’re interested in the remnants of Kobe’s past, check these antique stores out and who knows you might just be tempted to buy something that’s really close to your heart.


It’s owner Hirotoshi Yamamoto’s own charming style and attitude reflects on the pieces that you can purchase in this shop located between Tor Road and Ikuta Street. Right in the heart of the trendy Sannomiya area, sits a vintage shop filled with clothes, watches, handbags and of course antique furniture and tableware. Some of these are from the UK, America and France that date back from the Victorian Era up to the ‘80’s. Vintage wedding gowns as well as delicately woven Japanese kimonos and other Japanese antiques are also available here.

Antique Nanae

Their main store is located on the famous Kitano Street and Yamamoto Street. This antique store displays Japanese antiques such as kimonos, obis, figurines, dishes and other traditional items that can be used everyday from each era in history. Their second shop in Kitanozaka Street holds western antiques such as kitchenware and various household goods.


If you’re looking for antique and vintage furniture and household fixtures like different kinds of lamps, this is the place for you. They have two shops both in shopping areas so you won’t be able to miss them. One is in the 3rd floor of Kobe City Center Plaza in Sannomiya while the second one is in the 3rd floor of the Sun Creek Shopping Center in Kobe Kitamachi.

Cafe Papier

Sealing wax is a favorite must have to those who love to send invitations or letters that have a vintage flair. This store is famous for that and for their antiques as well. Generally it is a cards and stationery shop but those who purchase their stationery here also end up marveling at their antique displays.


This antique afficionado showcases their antique wares through Twitter but is located in Motomachi, Kobe. The items they sell online are from Europe and they range from telescopes, figurines and other wares that would pique your curiosity. They also post on their account several wares of other hobbyists and they sometimes puts their items on display in antique exhibits.

Speed Addict

Judging from the name of the store, it’s not your ordinary store with household antique items. It’s a unique antique shop selling motorcycle gear, garments and accessories. It’s for those hobbyists who specifically are engrossed with those old school helmets, sun visors, jackets and long sleeve shirts that are similar to those worn in old television shows or anime. They repair helmets, too. A one of a kind shop with it’s own brand of charm.

Sibora + Rhombus

If you visit by train, it’s a minute walk from the Nishi Nada station and a five-minute walk from the JR Maya station. This antique store showcases mysterious antique items like dolls, death cards, animal and plant specimens and a poison bottle. It’s not that it’s not for the faint of heart because that’s only a part of the store that you can check out. There are also antique furniture, fixtures and hardware items that are all from France.


In the heart of the Sannomiya area is a gentleman’s antique store with goods ranging from deadstock designer brand sunglasses, watches, jewelry, apparel, smoking items and other men’s goods widely enjoyed by them in decades ago. These items were personally curated by the owner who took the store’s name from the drinking bars in the 1920’s.

Where else would be a better place to hunt for antiques but in places where it’s teeming with history and mysterious charm just like Kobe. When it’s port opened, western influences flooded the area and until today are enjoyed by tourists and locals. Whether be it traditional or western antiques, Kobe has in its possession goods that have been preserved in museums and of course, antique shops. Well you can’t buy anything from a museum but just in case there’s something that caught your eye there, perhaps it’s in an antique store somewhere really close by that you’ve been wanting to visit while in Japan.

By Thierry Bernard [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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