10 Things Japanese People do in Autumn

ByRay Proper
Sep 05, 2013

10 Things Japanese People do in Autumn

  1. Dig up the old camcorder for Sports day festivals at schools
  2. Bring along a book for reading at your favorite outdoor spot as the temperature cools to bearable
  3. Picking, roasting, and eating “kuri,” or chestnuts.  Recipe for “kuri gohan”
  4. Tsukimi (moon-viewing), Tsukimi dango (rice cake) to eat while “celebrating the beauty of the moon”
  5. Grill sanma (saury/mackerel pike) over an open flame BBQ
  6. Visit Kyoto to enjoy the changing autumn leaves.  Or, see “Kouyou” in Tokyo and Nagoya
  7. Spend a little extra on the ever-popular matsutake mushrooms
  8. Head back to the countryside and help out with the rice harvest
  9. Pack tents for one last camping trip before winter comes
  10. Build up stock for the annual exchange of persimmons, mikan, and sweet potatoes


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