Himeji City

Seeing Seto, a Four-Day Tour Around the Seto Island Sea

Jun 27, 2023 By Bert Wishart

Recently, when enjoying a couple of leisurely afternoon pints in The Hub, my wife Mai and I chatted with an Aussie lad in Japan on his 'trip of a lifetime.'...[ Click to read more ]

The Yukata Matsuri Festival in Himeji

May 25, 2022 By Justin Hanus

The yukata is a garment similar to a kimono worn in summer, particularly at matsuri (festivals). It is so popular some festivals celebrate it; these are called Yukata Matsuri. The...[ Click to read more ]

Why You Need to Pay a Visit to Hyogo Prefecture’s Himeji City

May 27, 2021 By Justin Hanus

One of the smaller cities in Kansai, Himeji City, is less well-known than Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto. The city is best known for Himeji Castle, but there are numerous other...[ Click to read more ]

Himeji Castle

Eerie Places to Visit in Kansai

Aug 20, 2019 By Justin Hanus

“The Ring”, “The Grudge”, “Dark Water”... Japan in recent times is known for some of the scariest movies. Fans of giving themselves goosebumps will be pleased to discover that there...[ Click to read more ]