Pollen Allergies in Japan

Mar 20, 2019 By Ray Proper

The proportion of people who have problems with allergies in Japan is startlingly high.  People who suffer from allergies will suffer severe reactions from the pollen such as: Nasal congestion...[ Click to read more ]

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Food Allergies in Japan

Jan 23, 2017 By

Dealing with food allergies can be a hassle anywhere, but it can be especially worrisome when trying to find something safe to eat in a foreign country. Here are some...[ Click to read more ]

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Finding Western Medicines in Japan

Apr 02, 2013 By Ray Proper

Visitors and residents of Japan from overseas often comment that Japanese drugs are ineffective.  Whether because the dosage is wrong, or they have not been prescribed what they were hoping...[ Click to read more ]

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