Kyodai Market: Tokyo’s Latin American Market

ByMichael Stigall
May 23, 2022

Kyodai Market: Tokyo’s Latin American Market

For a long time, the place to go for food from Latin America was a shop in Gotanda called Mundo Latino. That shop has sadly closed but luckily Kyodai Market has opened a few years ago in basically the same location. Located in the same building as the Brazilian and Peruvian Embassies, Kyodai market stocks spices, coffee, sundries, soft drinks, various cooking ingredients, home goods, and imported alcohol. They have items from Mexico, Brazil, and everywhere else south of the US border, but their specialty is Peru and Brazil. Still, it is the only place in Japan I have been able to find dried ancho chiles or masa for my Mexican cooking.  Additionally, they carry various frozen food, and meats, and also have very tasty empanadas. 

To get there, take the east exit out of Gotanda Station and take a left, crossing the street at the corner as if you are going to the Brazilian Embassy. Kyodai Market is located in the same building on the 6th floor. If you are missing something from home or searching for the ingredients for your cooking, the chances are good that they will have something you’re looking for. If they don’t have what you’re looking for, I recommend getting a few empanadas as a consolation treat.

Kyodai Market – South American Grocery Store

1-13-12 Higashigotanda, Shinagawa, Tokyo 141-0022, Japan (map link)

Near Gotanda Station



Image by (20+) 南米スーパーキョウダイマーケット | Facebook Used without Permission

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