Have You Made Your Summer Plans?

Jun 29, 2020

Have You Made Your Summer Plans?

Why not immerse yourself in Japan’s nature and culture with a getaway this summer?

You’ll find elements of Edo period Japan with a simple stroll in any city – from Nijo Castle in Kyoto to Gokokuji Temple in Tokyo – but few destinations carry such a historical atmosphere as the Nakasendo Trail.

Feel the gentle sun peeking through the towering trees overhead as you walk through lush forests. Take a break in the shade or next to a babbling brook and enjoy the soft sounds of nature. Then after your walk for the day, embrace the warm hospitality of a beautifully-preserved Edo period post town – a characterizing element of the historic Nakasendo Trail.

Supported by the locals, post towns such as Tsumago and Magome are lovingly preserved to ensure their look and feel remain historically accurate. Spend your evenings on the trail relaxing in refreshing onsen hot springs and indulging in seasonal, homemade meals, while you reflect on the day’s walk and what tomorrow will have in store.

One of the many wonderful aspects of the Nakasendo Trail is its accessibility, making it ideal for casual walkers, solo travelers, families with children, and anyone looking to enjoy the incredible combination of breathtaking nature and traditional Japanese culture. Plus, its location also makes it an ideal choice for those based in Tokyo or Nagoya, providing some respite from the summer heat. Time it right, and you may even be able to experience one of the annual festivals celebrating the region’s culture and spirituality!

So, are you ready to expand your horizons and hike in Japan’s countryside? For more information on the Nakasendo Trail and other rural adventures, visit Oku Japan and start planning your summer getaway.


Photos Courtesy of Oku Japan

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