Grand Festival of Hanazono Shrine in Tokyo

ByRay Proper
May 26, 2011

Grand Festival of Hanazono Shrine in Tokyo

Hanazono Jinja Shrine is located in the Shinjuku business district of Tokyo. Shinjuku is probably the most famous town name in Tokyo, and the Hanazono Jinja has been used in Shinto worship since at least 1603; though the building is a of course not the same!

The Grand Festival of Hanazono Jinja is held on the closest weekend to May 28 every year. This year, the festival was supposed to consist of mikoshi (floats carried by groups of people) are gathered from eight towns are paraded around the shrine, but due to the Great East Japan Earthquake it has been toned down. There should still be something interesting to see, and some good vendor stall food to eat so if you are looking for something to do this weekend, why not drop in and check it out?

Saturday, May 28 through Monday May 30, 2011
Hanazono Jinja Shrine and other locations, 5-17-3 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku
3-minute walk from Marunouchi Line or Shinjuku Line Shinjuku-sanchome Station
7-minute walk from the JR Line’s (and others) East Exit of Shinjuku Station

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