Dream Yosacoy Festival 2021

ByJason Gatewood
Oct 19, 2021

Dream Yosacoy Festival 2021

Yosakoi dancing started in Kochi in Shikoku around 1954 as a way to celebrate postwar reconstruction, building spirit, and teamwork. Blending traditional Japanese dance and costume motif with modern music, thumping chants, contemporary fashion, hairstyles, it’s known throughout Japan as one of the most energetic sights to behold at any given Japanese festival.

Whether you’ve never seen it before or you can’t get enough of it, you should check out the Dream Yosacoy Festival. The year’s festival is poised to attract upwards of 800,000 spectators to watch around 6,000 dancers split into over 70 teams. Usually, Yosakoi dancing is associated with summer festivals occurring in the warmer months, but this being a Being one of the largest festivals of its kind here, there are three venues around central Tokyo. In addition, there is a sizable food court showcasing international foods as well as musical performances.

Japan Happy Japanese Smile Yosakoi SmilingNovember 6, Saturday

November 7, Sunday

Each venue will have different operating times within these hours— please check the website

ドリーム夜さ来い祭り | english (dreamyosacoy.jp)

Image: ドリーム夜さ来い祭り (dreamyosacoy.jp)

Image: d. FUKA, Yosakoi performers, CC BY-SA 2.0; “Smiling Yosakoi” via MaxPixel

Image: ドリーム夜さ来い祭り (dreamyosacoy.jp)

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