How to Get Your Car Inspected in Japan

Apr 22, 2019 By Jason Gatewood

Over the years, we’ve told you about the process of getting a driver’s license and buying cars and motorcycles in Japan, but we’ve never gone into detail on the inspection and taxation process that all vehicle owners must deal with every two years or less. It can be a real...[ Click to read more ]

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Buying a Car & Driving in Kobe

Jul 30, 2018 By Justin Hanus

Having a car gives you a great way of traveling around Japan. Although the country has a very good public transport system, this mainly serves the major cities. If you want the flexibility to travel further afield and see some of the country's spectacular countryside, it's better to do it...[ Click to read more ]

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Traffic Congestion Monitoring Sites for Japan

Dec 27, 2017 By Admin

  If you are traveling around Japan you may find these sites interesting.  Using these sites you can see areas of congestion on expressways in real time, in English! Image courtesy of Jimi Okelana

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2017 Honda S660 in Stock!

Oct 31, 2017 By Admin

Currently available to lease for 36 months, Lease Japan has a brand new 2017 Honda S660 available from December 2017. Following the worldwide popular NSX and Civic Type R, the S660 is the next addition to Honda’s current sports car lineup. It features a 660cc engine, classifying it as a...[ Click to read more ]

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Storing Seasonal Tires at Home in Japan

May 30, 2017 By

So you got your tires rotated to either put on or take off those winter tires for the season, but now… what do you do with this pile of tires? Simple answer, please store them in or around your apartment or house. Longer answer, please do so correctly by following...[ Click to read more ]

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Safe Driving Tips for Winter in Japan

Dec 20, 2016 By Jason Gatewood

Driving in Japan presents its own set of challenges, especially for those used to roads and traffic “back home.”  The most obvious challenge for many is that the traffic moves on the left side of the road instead of the right, but in addition we must get used to sudden...[ Click to read more ]

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Big Traffic Brother Is Watching You

Aug 21, 2016 By Justin Hanus

In many places the eternal battle between motorist and traffic cop is carried on like a game of cat and mouse with law enforcement lying in wait for its prey undetected behind a billboard or at the bottom of a hill. Not so in Japan where the task is turned...[ Click to read more ]

Using Jumper Cables

Aug 27, 2015 By

If your battery dies you may be able to use jumper cables to jump start it using another vehicle.  This guide will give you an idea of how to use jumper cables in an emergency, but you should refer to your car’s and the cable’s manufacturer’s guides for specific instructions...[ Click to read more ]

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Buying Gasoline in Japan

Aug 25, 2015 By Ray Proper

Got a car?  You are going to need gas!  This is a basic guide to buying gas in Japan.  Most stations around Japan are "full-service," so the staff will come to you and fill your tank, but you can also find "self-service" stations where you do it all yourself. Buying...[ Click to read more ]

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No Spare – Using a Puncture Repair Kit to Fix a Flat Tire

Feb 04, 2014 By Ray Proper

In recent years, many Japanese Car Manufacturers have struggled with interior designs trying to get more space for more driver/passenger comfort. The Japanese consumers put more and more pressure on the manufacturers to come up with more space for luggage, more comfort, more power, and less fuel costs. One of...[ Click to read more ]

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