Tokyo Metropolis

Round One Spocha is the mother of all game centers

May 27, 2019 By Jason Gatewood

What place in Japan has a gazillion flashy lights, dazzling video screens, ear-busting loud noises and is teeming with people pressing their luck on games of chance and skill? Nope,...[ Click to read more ]

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Shopping Online in Japan – Internet Shopping!

May 19, 2019 By Ray Proper

You are not going to get complaints from me about living in Japan. I am generally happy here, but still, I prefer to use products and eat foods from my...[ Click to read more ]

Yoyogi Park, home of Tokyo’s “World Festivals“

Apr 24, 2019 By Jason Gatewood

Situated south of Shinjuku, north of Shibuya and just west of Harajuku, the expanse of lush greenery, rolling hills and clear ponds, Yoyogi Park serves as an oasis of refreshing...[ Click to read more ]

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Roppongi Art Night 2019

Apr 24, 2019 By Jason Gatewood

By day, it’s known for being the home to many Japanese and foreign companies, embassies and organizations. By night, it’s home to some of Tokyo’s hottest nightclubs and after-hours spots....[ Click to read more ]

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Japan National Correctional Facilities Exhibition in Tokyo

Apr 24, 2019 By Jason Gatewood

Spending a weekend in jail is probably not at the top of most people’s list, but if you’ve had a passing thought about what a Japanese prison is like, then...[ Click to read more ]

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Cinco de Mayo Festival and Mexican Restaurants in Tokyo

Apr 19, 2019 By Mark Guthrie

Cinco de Mayo, while originally a commemoration of an unlikely victory for the Mexican Army against the then powerful French in 1862, has in the US become something of a large...[ Click to read more ]

Things to do in Tokyo For Golden Week 2019

Apr 15, 2019 By Mark Guthrie

Golden week is the longest public holiday period in Japan, and many residents make a trip abroad, or to a tourist area like Kyoto over the break.  Trains and airports...[ Click to read more ]

Get Cycling in Tokyo

Apr 13, 2019 By Mark Guthrie

When living in and around a sprawling metropolis such as Tokyo, getting from A to B can mean that you spend half of your day on trains, underground or on...[ Click to read more ]

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Watching Sumo matches in Jungyo Exhibition Tour

Mar 27, 2019 By Chiho

Watching sumo is one of the most authentic attractions in Japan. The annual grand tournaments are held only in odd months; January, May, and September in Tokyo, March in Osaka,...[ Click to read more ]

Toyota MEGAWEB Showcase

Mar 27, 2019 By Jason Gatewood

Tokyo can be a tough place to find something cool for the whole family to get into without either needing to travel a way into the countryside or dropping copious...[ Click to read more ]

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