Tokyo Metropolis

Tokyo’s Best Mexican Food

Sep 27, 2023 By Michael Stigall

Tokyo is the "World's Greatest Food City," and at last count, home to over 200 Michelin-starred restaurants. More than ramen, udon, and tonkatsu places, you can find whatever a human...[ Click to read more ]

Volunteering in the Tokyo Area

Sep 27, 2023 By Michael Stigall

When living in a new country, offering your free time to help the local community can be a great thing. One such way is volunteering for a nonprofit organization (NPO)....[ Click to read more ]

Find Your Halloween Costume in Tokyo

Sep 27, 2023 By Ray Proper

Halloween is rapidly approaching, so get your costume soon because leaving your costume to the last minute and dressing as "an ax murderer, because they look just like you and...[ Click to read more ]

Buying A Summer Yukata in Tokyo

Aug 29, 2023 By Michael Stigall

Now that festivals are back on the menu again, you may find yourself at one. Or perhaps, while taking in one of the restarted firework festivals, you may have noticed...[ Click to read more ]

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Dessert Buffets in Tokyo

Aug 28, 2023 By Michael Stigall

If you’re the type that is all about putting cake before casserole and satisfying your sweet tooth to the point that would make your dentist’s hair stand on end, then...[ Click to read more ]

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The Tokyo Fire Museum

Jul 24, 2023 By Michael Stigall

Tokyo’s massive number of people and buildings packed into the smallest area imaginable has always left me with more than a few questions. One of the most prominent questions has...[ Click to read more ]

Tokyo’s Railway Museum: See Japan’s Locomotive History

Jul 24, 2023 By Michael Stigall

A good many visitors to Japan have been known to utter out loud, “There sure are a lot of trains in Japan!” …And they wouldn’t be wrong! We happen to...[ Click to read more ]

Great Beaches in The Kanto Region

Jul 24, 2023 By Michael Stigall

As the summer heat rises, retiring to your air-conditioned room with your necktie fan on full blast is tempting. However, Japan is an island nation, so we are surrounded by...[ Click to read more ]

Vegan Dining in Tokyo

Jun 27, 2023 By Michael Stigall

Choices for dining out in Tokyo are nearly limitless. You can eat your way around the world and dine on almost anything humans consider edible (even the most questionable) here...[ Click to read more ]

The Best Views in Tokyo

Jun 27, 2023 By Michael Stigall

Tokyo is so many things and includes so many places that it is often hard to take it all in. Being in the city can sometimes remind me of a...[ Click to read more ]