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Mar 25, 2010

Sending Money Home

You can send money internationally from pretty much any bank, but I have found the two following ways the best for me. The first used to be the cheapest way to send small amounts of money (please check this before you send), and the second is the easiest way to send money on a regular basis.

The post office deals not only in mail, but also with money. You might want to consider opening a postal account while you’re in Japan for various reasons, but even if you don’t have an account with the post office you can still send money home relatively easily. You will need to be in line at the post office, which makes it more time consuming than the second option below, but depending on the amount of money being sent it may be a cost effective way of sending funds, and the forms are in English so it’s easy to do. You can find this option outlined in the Gaijin Pot article about banking in Japan.

GoLloyds is a service provided by Lloyds TSB Japan, by which you can remit funds electronically to a set account from any bank in Japan, after which Lloyds will send it automatically to a pre-set destination overseas. It takes some doing to set up the accounts, but after the waiting period to set it up, it’s an extremely fast and very easy way of sending money to a pre-set destination. I used it quite regularly when I was sending mortgage payments to Australia, and I could send the money on a Tuesday afternoon and it would be in my Australian bank account for open of business on Wednesday.

Finally, on Tell and Sell Japan’s website there is a page that describes in detail many other ways of sending money and other things within Japan and overseas. It is fantastic because it describes the pros and cons of each method for each thing, or amount of money that you are sending