World Cosplay Summit Nagoya

ByRay Proper
Jul 19, 2015

World Cosplay Summit Nagoya


Japanese otaku culture has been steadily growing in popularity worldwide, but many have found that they were not satisfied with reading and watching manga and anime ,but instead wanted to actually be the characters!   And then there was… Cosplay!   Which leads us to The World Cosplay Summit, which started in Nagoya in 2003.

Its popularity has increased every year, and now  representatives from at least 20 countries now participate,  all competing to be the grand champion of the world!  The champions win based not only on the quality of their costumes, but art direction and overall performance they give, with a focus on authenticity.

If you are into cosplay, I don’t have to tell you about this, you already know!  but even if you are not a fan the events surrounding the summit are incredibly interesting.  The truly impressive costumes, the energy of the participants, and the excitement of competition all contribute to an atmosphere that can only be experienced to understand.

Check out the many events associated with this championship, and start thinking about your costume now! (tickets for the official championship are sold out, but there are other ways to see and participate.  See their site!

World Cosplay Summit 2015

Saturday, July 25 –  Sunday, August 2
Various locations

World Cosplay Summit 2015 trailer

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