Under The Bridge Nagoya Music Festival

ByMark Guthrie
Sep 25, 2019

Under The Bridge Nagoya Music Festival

Nagoya’s music and art scene is a broad church that encompasses varying styles and genres. At the Under the Bridge Nagoya festival, many of these artists, both locally grown and from the ex-pat community, are coming together under one roof. Well, bridge.

What is Under The Bridge Nagoya?

The brainchild of Mike Bagley (owner of MB Prints t-shirt printing company and Nagoya drumming legend), Under The Bridge Nagoya is an outdoor music festival being held in the Wakamiya Plaza near Yabacho on Sunday, October 6, that will feature a number of bands, musicians and artists. And what’s more, it’s free to attend!

Game Over Humans

According to Mike “There will be a large stage with all the equipment to support full-band live music with a mix of genres including rock as well as tents set up where local artists will be displaying their work. There will be vendors (Shooters are on board) providing food and beverages.”

Artists on the bill include, amongst others, rock acts such as StarKat, Smoking Crows and Game Over Humans; melodic rockers Campus Heights; funky blues purveyors The Omagarys; and there has been slated (though not yet confirmed at the time of press) an appearance from Nagoya’s best-loved Irish troubadour, Brian Cullen.

Away from the music, there is a wide range of artistic disciplines on display, with Ramona Vasiliu Hisum’s ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement), henna art by Rabeea Farooq, illustrations and concept design from Shadow Frau Studio, and live painting by Imagine Design’s Robert Moore.

One of the reasons behind the concept, according to Mike, is that he intends to “[bring] the international and local communities together for a day of entertainment”. He goes on to add that “Music is a common language. The artists involved will not only be Japanese or English-speakers, but I’m also hoping to reach out to the Brazilian community by involving one or two of their bands. I have always believed that music transcends boundaries of race and nationality.”

Campus Heights

Now, I know what you are thinking: how can all this great action be free, there must be some kind of catch, right? Well, apparently not.

“I felt the best way for bands and artists to get the most exposure was to make it a free event for everyone to enjoy,” says Mike. “I also want people who are passing by to stop and check it out. There are also a number of sponsors including Imagine Design, NAGMAG, Shooters and the artists themselves who have helped soften the blow on my bank balance. Also, Absolute Halloween has donated their lighting rig to give it all a professional feel.”

So, there you have it. A free festival of music, with food and drinks from some of the best local vendors – be sure to hit the Hyppya Brews stall for some great craft beer – that brings the diverse local Nagoya communities together. Have you got something better to do on a Sunday afternoon? Didn’t think so.

See you there!

Under The Bridge Nagoya Details

To read the full interview with the event organizer, Mike Bagley, go to the NAGMAG website here.

To check out up-to-the-minute details of the event, head over to the Under The Bridge Nagoya Facebook page here.

Where: Wakamiya Plaza, 3-chōme-6-10 Ōsu, Naka-ku (map)
When: October 6, 2019
Website: underthebridgenagoya.com

Image: via http://underthebridgenagoya.com/
Image: via https://www.facebook.com/gameoverhumans.jp
Image: via https://www.facebook.com

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