Toyota Memorial Hospital in Aichi Prefecture, Toyota City

Dec 26, 2017

Toyota Memorial Hospital in Aichi Prefecture, Toyota City

Toyota Memorial Hospital – トヨタ記念病院

Branch of medicine: General practice (Internal, surgery, orthopedic surgery and others)

Telephone:             (0565) 28-0100

Address:                1-1 Heiwa-cho, Toyota


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  • When you make a call, please tell the operator the patient’s name, age, sex and details of the hospital’s ID card (if previously issued). Additionally, please make sure to bring the patient’s health insurance card (the hospital will not accept a photocopy).
  • Please confirm whether English speaking doctors are available before you go to the hospital.
  • Taking a bus from Tsuchihashi Station or Toyotashi Station is the simplest way to visit the hospital.


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Use this map to find other doctors in Toyota City

  1. You can click on any icon to get more information (this info is also listed below the map)
  2. Each location has its own page with more information about it.  You can access this specific location information (such as English ability, etc) by clicking the “JIS Info” link.

Ladies Clinic/Child Health=Yellow
General Hospitals=Red

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