Tokyo Ramen Show 2019

Sep 23, 2019

Tokyo Ramen Show 2019

Ramen is classic Japanese food.  If you ask a random person, foreign or Japanese, male or female, what their favorite food is you are highly likely to get “ramen” back as your answer.  Ramen is a noodle soup of wheat noodles served in a meat-based broth.  Standard flavors include:

  • Shio or “salt”
  • Tonkotsu or “pork bone”
  • Shōyu  or “soy sauce”
  • Miso

While you can always find these flavors, you will also find an innumerable amount of regional and local varieties that make the love of ramen a lifelong pursuit for the truly enamored.  Your best chance to find and try some of these varieties without traversing the country is the Tokyo Ramen Show.  The show is spread out over two different two day periods, each featuring an opportunity to sample different vendors and styles of ramen.  Attending both days affords the opportunity to slurp down many, many bowls of the good stuff.

While I seriously doubt anyone could consume as much ramen as is on offer, the opportunity to try is yours for the taking.  Admission to the event is free, but tickets to eat your choice of ramen from a vendor must be purchased, making the bill for sampling every variety reasonable;at least if compared to the medical expenses related to gluttony you may experience.

Tokyo Ramen Show 2019

The Ramen Show takes place at Komazawa Olympic Park, in Setagaya Ward from October 24 (Thu) to November 4 (Mon / holiday) 12 days with two chances to attend.

Komazawa Olympic Park

1-1 Komazawakoen, Setagaya, Tokyo 154-0013  (google map) (venue website)

Image: By woinary from Kumamoto ramen shop Ganso Kumamoto-ken Kuro Ramen Kiyomasa in Kitasaiwai, Nishi, Yokohama, Kanagawa (Flickr) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

chicatan from Onomichi, Hiroshima [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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