Asakusa Samba Carnival in Tokyo

ByRay Proper
Jul 26, 2019

Asakusa Samba Carnival in Tokyo

If you are looking for a lively and colorful way to draw your summer to a close there is no better option than the annual Asakusa Samba Carnival.  This carnival is the largest Samba dance-related event in Japan, and it draws crowds of over 500,000 to view the spectacle of samba dance teams from throughout Japan in colorful and elaborate costumes and the team’s float’s parading through Akasuka in the summer’s waning heat.

Teams from throughout Japan and some from Brazil have been dancing the samba in front of one of  Sensoji Temple, since 1981.  The color and vibrancy of the Latin Dance and themed floats contrasts nicely with the more reserved and traditional setting of one of Tokyo’s oldest and most revered temples to create an incredible experience of sight and sound that is not to be missed.

Asakusa Samba Carnival 2019

When you are done why not pop in for some Brazilian Food to round out the experience?

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