Thanksgiving Dinner in Hiroshima

ByMark Guthrie
Oct 26, 2020

Thanksgiving Dinner in Hiroshima

With Thanksgiving being very much a North American holiday, we aren’t really within our rights to expect Hiroshima to celebrate the third Thursday of November in quite the same way as it would be done in the US.

However, like other international traditions such as Christmas, Hallowe’en, and Valentine’s Day, there is a distinct feeling that Thanksgiving is growing in stature. Of course, it is not yet celebrated with the same gusto as the aforementioned holidays, but still, there are a few places dotted around the country that put on a Thanksgiving spread.

Molly Malones

Here in Hiroshima, the best place for a traditional Thanksgiving spread is, perhaps not unsurprisingly, Molly Malones.

Molly’s is the city’s main pub for ex-pats coming together with a broad cross-section of the local population, so it is fitting that it be here that serves the community in both a literal and figurative sense at this time of year.

This year, like last year, the menu consists of the traditional turkey and ham, accompanied by mashed potato, roast potatoes, and all the mixed veggies you would expect. That’s all slathered in a rich gravy and comes in at a very reasonable 1,800 JPY. If you have a sweet tooth, you can also choose from a selection of dessert specials. Their pecan pie is particularly recommended.

If that has got you in the mood to give thanks, get down to Molly Malones on Thursday 26 and Friday 27 of November 2020. But be aware, stocks are limited so it pays to get down there early.

Molly’s isn’t only a good place to hang out during the holidays, however. If you want to hear more about this popular nightspot, check out our write up here.

Where: Naka Ward, Shintenchi, 1-20 Hiroshima Teigeki Kaikan 4F (map)
When: November 26 and 27, 2020

Do it Yourself

If you don’t feel like heading out into the cold winter air, or simply prefer to go down a more traditional route, it is possible to do Thanksgiving dinner right in your own home.

The Foreign Buyers Club provides pretty much everything that you need for your homemade meal. From whole turkeys to pumpkin pie and all of the trimmings in between; if you want it, they pretty much have it. Even candied yams with marshmallows! If turkey isn’t your thing, they’ve got ham, lamb, chicken, and duck too.

But if meat is what you desire, you can’t go wrong with The Meat Guy. They stock turkeys ranging from 2kg up to 6kg – enough to feed ten or more people comfortably – all are Grade A, premium, and American. They even do their own range of stuffing, and if you feel like something a bit out of the ordinary, their smoked turkey drumsticks are extremely popular.

Image: By The Vault DFW via [CC BY 2.0] – (modified)
Image: By Linda, Fortuna future via [CC BY 2.0] – (modified)

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