Toukasan Festival: Hiroshima’s Official Start of Summer

May 23, 2017 By Jade Brischke

Toukasan (とうかさん) is not only the biggest festival in Hiroshima, but also one of the oldest of the summer festivals in the whole of Japan. Dating back some 400 years,...[ Click to read more ]

Tanabata Star Festivals Around Nagoya

Jun 22, 2016 By Ray Proper

The Tanabata Festival is celebrated annually on either July 7 or August 7, depending on where you are in Japan. The festival celebrates the legend of two lovers, represented by the Altair...[ Click to read more ]

The Climate in Japan

Jul 08, 2015 By

The Japanese people are very fond of saying that Japan has four distinct seasons, and while this does not always strike foreign people as particularly special, it is certainly true. ...[ Click to read more ]

The Redback Spider

Jun 08, 2015 By

Executive Summary The redback spider is dangerous, but unlikely to kill a healthy adult, even if the anti-venom is not administered.  They are an invasive species and dangerous, especially to children,...[ Click to read more ]

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Beaches around Nagoya

Aug 19, 2014 By Mark Guthrie

For many people, nothing says summer like a trip to the beach, and though Aichi isn’t necessarily famed for its beaches, there are plenty of nice places at which you...[ Click to read more ]

Escape the Heat of Tokyo at the Aquarium!

Jul 17, 2013 By Ray Proper

Summer in Tokyo is hot, humid, and generally uncomfortable.  Walking outside for any length of time in the summer's heat in Tokyo will leave you "glistening" and tired.  The average...[ Click to read more ]