Smartphone and Computer Repairs in Hiroshima

ByHugh Cann
Apr 30, 2020

Smartphone and Computer Repairs in Hiroshima

As a foreign national while one can get by on an ordinary day-to-day basis with many things these days in living in Japan, there are somethings that can get complicated. Smartphone and computer repairs is one of those potentially mendokusai (bothersome) things, right? You will find that language is less a problem in Tokyo and you are reminded Hiroshima is inaka (hicksville) and you may possibly be able to get by on survival Japanese with the basic transaction otherwise you may have to prevail on a friend or colleague to assist with more technical and complex issues, I hope this at least sheds a bit of light on what may immediately feel to be a bit of a potential nightmare:

Smart device (Android, iPhone, iPad, tablet):


originates in California but has a veritable forest (branches everywhere – excuse the pun, a consequence of being locked up for the last two weeks : ) ) of repair locations: It’s a very easy-to-navigate site. Scroll to the bottom for its store list links.

There are a bunch of other places for repairs but you’ll possibly find language an issue.

Smart + Station

Seems friendly but not much in the way of English language skills but Google translate is gradually getting more sophisticated and the owner is happy to work with that to assist you for the best outcome.

Smahospital (スマホスピタル)

I really can’t tell you anything about this place. But it’s an option.

Quick Garage

There is also Apple operated franchise Quick Garage. You would be well advised to use the site and make a reservation otherwise it ain’t that quick I’m here to tell you but there’s a good burger place nearby or wander the mal. Quick Garage is located on the ground floor in Edion adjacent to Hiroshima Station.

Personal Computers

For personal computers, Mac I’m afraid the choice gets limited. I have used Office 24 a few times. It’s actually a stationery store that has a repair section. Charges are probably a little high and the repair guy seems to be on contract as he isn’t always there but I have always been happy about the work done and it’s timely completion. Same there you will either need to get someone to interpret for you or use Google translate.

Office 24

11-10 Motomachi, Naka Ward, Hiroshima, 730-0011  (right on main streetcar street.)

Data Shokunin

And it appears only to deal with Personal Computers, i.e. Windows OS. They do data recovery, and also DVD repairs and dubs (if anyone is still using one). Here too, language is an issue.

Sofmap Recollection

Used to be located very conveniently next to the Hondori entrance in Otemachi but has moved and downsized its retail: It is located near the station


Or you can get it done remotely:  I found this place run by a Spanish guy up in Saitama. LoreaTec. He’s set up a much more comprehensive IT Support service that includes audiovisual production and programming services. The reviews for it are good. The website is set up for courier (takuhai) delivery.


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