Roppongi: Tokyo’s Contemporary City

ByRay Proper
Apr 01, 2016

Roppongi: Tokyo’s Contemporary City

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Roppongi (六本木 ) is an area within Minato, Tokyo, and one of Tokyo’s most popular places among locals and foreigners alike.

Roppongi is home to the famously lavish Roppongi Hills, many foreign embassies, and one of the most vibrant club scenes in Japan. It is located in the southern portion of the Yamanote Line (within the circle) south of Akasaka and north of Azabu. Residents are attracted to Roppongi by its convenient location, lively atmosphere, and proximity to services and facilities that cater to the foreign community.

Though famous for its nightlife, Roppongi has recently also become popular as a daytime and residential destination. This interest focuses on two spectacular high rise complexes: The Tokyo Midtown and Roppongi Hills towers. Both are modern high-rise office buildings containing a range of cafes, restaurants, and exclusive stores selling the latest designer brands and fashions. Two of Tokyo’s top hotels, the Ritz Carlton and Grand Hyatt, are also located within these developments, making Roppongi a favorite stop for business travelers and visiting celebrities alike.

Roppongi is also known as one of Tokyo’s cultural centers. It is home to a trio of museums collectively known as the “Art Triangle Roppongi.” The triangle consists of The National Art Center Tokyo, the Suntory Museum of Art in Midtown, and the Mori Art Museum in Roppongi Hills. All of which are among Tokyo’s premier destinations, showcasing art in a variety of genres, from old to new. The Triangle is a must see!

Roppongi is a great place to eat. The sheer volume of great restaurants offers a dizzying array of cuisines, including Thai, Chinese, Indian, Italian, French, or Japanese, and many more. For the less adventurous eater, Roppongi also boasts a number of international chain restaurants offering a taste of home. The worst part about eating in Roppongi is deciding where to do it!

Roppongi is where Tokyo comes for a night on the town. At night the streets buzz with people enjoying some of the best restaurants, bars, and clubs in the world. Amongst all this vibrancy, the area has a long history as a center of the expat community and foreign residents and visitors receive warm welcomes wherever they go.

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