Preventing Mold in Japan

Feb 12, 2018

Preventing Mold in Japan

Today, we would like to share with you how to prevent the mold in your house/apartment, it sometimes be a problem for tenants with the mold during your stay in Japan. The climate here in Japan sits “humid subtropical climate”, so pretty much for all areas in Japan shall prevent the mold in your house/apartment.  If you live in an apartment, apartment has better airtightness compared to a house, thus there will be more chance for growing mold, so you want to be more careful.

First, we want tell you in what condition mold grow.

  • For mold to flourish, it needs
    1. Food – anything organic, so pretty much everything
    2. A fungal spore – these are almost impossible to keep out of your home
    3. Moisture – Summers in Japan feature humidity levels routinely over 70%

Warm temperature – Summers in Japan feature heat, and lots of it

Next, When does the mold grow in a year? – We have rainy season(梅雨) in June/July, we have a lot of rain in that season, so humidity raise up. Also, we have very humid and hot summer lately. In addition, in winter in the house/apartment can be really warm and outside is very cold. it makes condensation especially around the window. As you already aware, we have to be careful through the year!!

The simple way to prevent the mold –Reduce the humidity.

We would like to share how to reduce the humidity and other ways how to prevent the mold in your house/apartment.

Ventilation – is the most important for humidity. You should open all the windows for 10 cm. The point is you do not open the window fully, if you open part of the window, the wind come in vigorously. For the closet and chest, you should open the doors regularly and in the rainy season you should put the fan toward the closet.

The other way for ventilation, you can use the dry mode function for the air conditioner.If you think your house/apartment is very humid, we recommend to buy dehumidifier. We know this cost some money, but if you leave your apartment/house humidity, not only to damage your holdings, you will damage the building.

Furniture layout  – Furniture should be located about a few cm away from the wall. You do not want to find the walls turned black when you move out, so please kindly check if your furniture is not attaching the wall, if so, please move the furniture with the extra care to not to damage the floor. Also, foliage plant is not recommended either.

In the Winter time, when you find drop of water in the window, please wipe firm.

Air Conditioner Mold
You also would like to take care for the air conditioner mold. If you smell strange from the air conditioner, this is the sign that it needs to be cleaned. 

If you keep using that air conditioner, the electricity cost will be raised and there is a possibility that the air conditioner will be broken. Also, as you may imagine, mold can cause some disease. You definitely want to clean your air





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