Lucky Yen

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May 23, 2017

Lucky Yen

Did you know that the 5 yen coin is the luckiest of all? It’s because of the way the name of the coin sounds in Japanese “Go-en” – the same pronunciation as the word for destiny in Japanese.

An American friend of my niece gave her an Australian dollar coin before she visited me in Japan and it’s supposed to be lucky to pass the coin on to people in her travels. I wonder if the “destiny coin” works the same way – giving it to someone as a good will gesture will bestow good luck upon the giver.

I have braided 5 yen coins into hand-made birthday cards, made necklaces for my kids, and keep one in the kitchen to bring good luck to our home (or our meals?). It goes without saying that whenever I go to a shrine it’s a 5 yen coin I toss, whether with my husband or alone. And when I get a 5 yen in my change, I consider it a lucky day.

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