License Expiring? – Get a 3-month Extension

ByGloria Nakane
Apr 30, 2020

License Expiring? – Get a 3-month Extension

Due to the corona virus and the Emergency Declaration in Japan, the authorities will extend the expiration date of any driver’s license expiring between now and July 31,2020. But this is not automatic; you need to apply for this 3-month extension.

Don’t know when your license expires? Check the date in the green (or blue) band on your license. If it says 平成32年  (in the green area shown below) and your birthday is between now and June 30th, this extension applies to you.

There are three ways to apply for this extension:

  1. at the local license center (usually Sunday-Friday, 8:45-12:00 & 12:45-15:00)
  2. at the local police station (usually Monday-Friday, 8:45-12:00 & 12:45-16:00)
  3. by mail.

If you apply in person you just need to bring your driver’s license.

If you apply by mail you will need:

  1. an application form – each area has it’s own variation on this form (links provided below).
  2. a stamped (84 yen), self-addressed return envelope (Some prefectures require simple registered mail. kani-kakitome (簡易書留) both ways (an additional 320 yen x 2).
  3. copies of your license, both sides.

You must meet these requirements to extend the expiration of your license by mail:

  • License is currently valid (has not yet expired)
  • Issued in the prefecture where renewing
  • No changes in the information, address, name, etc.
  • Expiring between the current date and 31 July 2020 (Reiwa 2-07-31).

If you have moved, or there are any other changes, you must go to the license center or police station.

Each prefecture has a slightly different application form. To help you fill it out, here is the information required:

  • Name (氏名) – as it is written on your license
  • Name in Katakana (ふりがな)
  • Date of birth (生年月日) – circle the era that is on your license – 大正 (Taisho) 昭和 (Showa) 平成 (Heisei), and then enter the year month and day as written on your license
  • Date of expiration of your license (免許証有効期間の末日) – this is in the green, blue, or gold section of your license and will begin 平成32年 or 2020年(令和02年)
    • enter 2 for the year (年) and then the month (月) and day (日) as written on your license
  • Phone number (連絡先 or 電話番号)
  • License number –  the long (12 digits) number towards the bottom of your license (not on all)

When the application is completed you will get a sticker to place on the back of your license that extends the expiration date by 3 months (for example, May 7 to August 7 or June 15 to September 15). You will need to go to renew your license by that day.

Links to application forms:


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