View the Fall Colors in Korankei near Toyota City

ByRay Proper
Oct 03, 2010

View the Fall Colors in Korankei near Toyota City

One of the most famous spots in Japan to see the changing of the fall leaves is right here near Nagoya. Korankei, near Toyota City, offers views of 4,000 maple trees exploding with vibrant red, yellow, and orange leaves as the trees begin to shed their summer clothes in preparation for the long winter. It is best to arrive at Korankei in the early evening during the latter part of November.

The trees will be in full color by then, and will be lit from below by floodlights, giving the area a magical atmosphere where many couples can be seen walking hand in hand under the trees. The light up begins November first, and the hours are from 6-9.

If you are coming by car take route 153 from Toyota city to Asuke City. There is always a lot of traffic during the month of November, and it may take you quite some time to get there and parked before you can enjoy the scenery, but it is worth the trek!


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