Kawadoko: Riverside Terrace Dining in Kyoto

ByRay Proper
Jun 14, 2013

Kawadoko: Riverside Terrace Dining in Kyoto

Its summer, and time for trips!

If you are visiting Kyoto this summer, one highly recommended activity is kawadoko, or river dining.  Japanese people, possibly everyone,  like to eat outside in summer, as the humidity gets higher and finding ways of cooling off become of paramount importance.  kawadoko consists of a dining deck built above the Kamo River (or next to with a full view of the river)  where customers can dine literally above the river at a number of excellent restaurants in Kyoto.   You can find a map, (JP only) here of all the locations available.

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kawadoko is officially called Noryo-yuka, and the custom dates back to the Edo period.  You can find this tradition in other places outside of Kyoto, and it is also known as kawadoko.  Another famous place to try kawadoko is in Minoh Quasi-National Park, where visitors can enjoy refreshing breezes while taking in the richness of the surrounding natural setting.

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