Filing US taxes from Japan

ByRay Proper
Feb 13, 2016

Filing US taxes from Japan

US-tax-japan-YUJI-SUZUKIUS Tax Season is between January 1 and April 15, but US Citizens residing overseas enjoy an automatic extension until June 15 to file their taxes.  By law, US citizens, even those living overseas, are responsible for filing tax returns and paying any liabilities that may be due. All tax payers, regardless of residency status are required to file a Form 1040.  Corporations established in Japan by US citizens are also responsible for filing tax returns with the IRS.

According to Yuji Suzuki, an Enrolled Agent based in Nagoya who runs USA Tax Office, in addition to Form 1040; US citizens residing overseas may be required to file:

  • FinCen Form 114 (Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts) is used to report a financial interest in or signature authority over a foreign financial account.
  • Form 5471 Form 5471 is a declaration of status as officer, director, or shareholder in foreign corporations. Taxpayers owing more than 10% of foreign corporations must file this form.
  • Form 8938 Form 8938 is a Statement of Foreign Financial Assets.  This is used to report the ownership of foreign financial assets.

The Suzuki Tax Office

Stachion Ikeshita Bldg. 303 1-11-11 Ikeshita Chikusa-ku Nagoya (Google map)
(052) 763-7555

The Suzuki Tax office is located 1 minute walk from Ikeshita Station exit on the Higashiyama subway line.  Read a more detailed article about them on Nagmag.  If you are interested in learning more about your tax responsibilities please see these additional resources.

More Information

IRS, “U.S. Citizens and Resident Aliens Abroad”
US Embassy, Tokyo

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