Bringing or Importing Medicines into Japan

May 23, 2018 By Ray Proper

Caution is required when bringing any kind of medicine into Japan. Many products that are commonly available over the counter elsewhere in the world are not approved for sale in Japan (examples include medicines that contain Pseudoephedrine, such as Actifed, Sudafed, and Vicks inhalers) and their import is strictly prohibited....[ Click to read more ]

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Personal Information, Encryption, and the Relocation Process

May 22, 2018 By Admin

To start, a reminder that Japan Info Swap is a part of The H&R Group, which provides a wide range of real estate, relocation, staffing and life-enrichment service in Japan. JIS was created to help communicate the information, knowledge, and expert advice of the H&R Group family of companies to their clients. The...[ Click to read more ]

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Sample Utility Bills and Statements in Nagoya

Dec 27, 2017 By Oshima

                                                                                         Photo: H&R Group Did you get...[ Click to read more ]

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Traffic Congestion Monitoring Sites for Japan

By Admin

  If you are traveling around Japan you may find these sites interesting.  Using these sites you can see areas of congestion on expressways in real time, in English! Image courtesy of Jimi Okelana

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Suzuki Hospital in Aichi Prefecture, Toyota City

Dec 26, 2017 By Admin

Suzuki Hospital - 鈴木病院 Branch of medicine: Ob-gyn, pediatric Telephone:             0565-33-8051 URL:      Address:                 1-10-8 Tsukimi-cho, Toyota Open Hours: [spacer height="20px"] Closed: Sundays and Public Holidays Note: Please make sure that the Suzuki Hospital interpreter is available before visiting the hospital. (Joanna the Suzuki Hospital interpreter is only available...[ Click to read more ]

Doctors in Aichi Prefecture, Toyota City

By Admin

Use this map to find doctors in Toyota City You can click on any icon to get more information (this info is also listed below the map) Each location has its own page with more information about it.  You can access this specific location information (such as English ability, etc)...[ Click to read more ]

Motomachi Dental Clinic in Toyota City

By Admin

Motomachi Dental Clinic - 元町歯科 Branch of medicine: Dentistry Telephone:         0565-26-1010 URL:   Address:             6-48 Kakimoto cho, Toyota City Open Hours: [spacer height="5px"] Note: Reservation is recommended. The dentist speaks Basic English but requires a translation over the phone. [mapsmarker marker="525"]   Use this map to find...[ Click to read more ]

Iwase Pediatric Clinic in Toyota City

By Admin

Iwase Clinic - 岩瀬小児科 Branch of medicine: Pediatric Telephone:         0565-36-5008 Address:             3F Maruta Building, 1-112 Nishimachi, Toyota (map link)  Open Hours: Reception hours Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun 9:00am–11:30am ○ × × ○ ○ ○ ○ 1:30pm–4:30pm ○ × ○ ○ ○ × ○ Closed:  Tuesday /...[ Click to read more ]

The Best Smart Phone Apps for Living in Kansai

Dec 18, 2017 By Admin

Living in Japan, especially in Kansai , can be difficult, but the internet has many resources to make things easier.  An iPhone or other smart phone can put those resources at your fingertips wherever you find yourself in Japan through a variety of easily downloadable applications. If you already have...[ Click to read more ]

Destination Osaka – Free eBook by Relo Japan

Dec 08, 2017 By Admin

Relo Japan is proud to bring you “Destination Osaka,” a special digital guide that incorporates inside knowledge of Osaka from the view of an expatriate. This invaluable resource has everything you need to know about living and working in Osaka, including: Where to live Where to shop What to see...[ Click to read more ]

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