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Hiroshima Flea Markets

Jan 29, 2018 By Matt Mangham

Ah, flea markets, where you learn what you’re really made of. Do you walk out empty handed, or do you...[ Click to read more ]

Molly Malone’s Irish Pub in Hiroshima

Dec 22, 2017 By Matt Mangham

The truth is, if you’re going to be in Hiroshima a while, you’d find your way to Molly Malone’s (just...[ Click to read more ]

Tondo Festivals in Hiroshima

By Matt Mangham

Across Hiroshima Prefecture, early to mid-January involves one final, festive bit of housekeeping with regard to the year just passed....[ Click to read more ]

Miyajima’s Daisho-in Temple near Hiroshima

By Matt Mangham

January is a wonderful month to make a trip to Miyajima. Whether you’re heading out early in the month for...[ Click to read more ]

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