Sample Japan’s Finest Beef Vendors at the 2019 Autumn Wagyu Show

ByJason Gatewood
Aug 23, 2019

Sample Japan’s Finest Beef Vendors at the 2019 Autumn Wagyu Show

Japan’s highest quality beef, wagyu, has a world-renown reputation for being some of the savoriest, delicious cuts of meat in the world. The reason for the robust flavor comes from the “marbling” of the meat, a term used to describe how the fat and fibrous parts of the meat intermingle into a sort of pattern not unlike what you’d see when looking a marble tabletop or floor. This allows for the flavors to spread throughout the meat and make it almost “melt-in-your-mouth” tender. This is due to the cattle having been specially bred for the purpose and fed a rich grain diet.


If you’ve never tried it before, you can sample for yourself and see what all the buzz is about when the bi-annual Wagyu Fest rolls back into Hibiya Park near Tokyo Station. Around 16 stalls will be offering their best morsels of Matsusaka, Yonezawa, Hida, and yes of course Kobe beef cuts to satiate the biggest carnivore’s meaty appetite over the course of the second week in September. The aroma from the park wafting into the surrounding areas is usually enough to lure office workers into the park after work and relax a bit before taking off home, so its definitely a great activity if your travels take you anywhere close by at that time.

Tokyo Wagyu Show

Dates & Times: September 9-16, 2019 11am-10pm

Place: Hibiya Park

Access Hibiya Station (C, H, I lines)


Images: Wagyu Filets by Schellack via Wikipedia, CC BY 3.0 and via Tokyo Wagyu Show Instagram account

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