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ByRay Proper
Jun 14, 2013

Kawadoko: Riverside Terrace Dining in Kyoto

Its summer, and time for trips!

If you are visiting Kyoto this summer, one highly recommended activity is kawadoko, or river dining.  Japanese people, possibly everyone,  like to eat outside in summer, as the humidity gets higher and finding ways of cooling off become of paramount importance.  kawadoko consists of a dining deck built above the Kamo River (or next to with a full view of the river)  where customers can dine literally above the river at a number of excellent restaurants in Kyoto.   You can find a map, (JP only) here of all the locations available.

Main Web Site for kawadoko Dining in Kyoto (JP Only)


kawadoko is officially called Noryo-yuka, and the custom dates back to the Edo period.  You can find this tradition in other places outside of Kyoto, and it is also known as kawadoko.  Another famous place to try kawadoko is in Minoh Quasi-National Park, where visitors can enjoy refreshing breezes while taking in the richness of the surrounding natural setting.

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ByRay Proper
Jun 14, 2013

Tokyo Whiskey Bars

Japanese distiller aims to revolutionize whiskey drinking, focus on new generation of drinkers.

whiskey Suntory’s sales soar after rolling out “highballs”,  or whiskey with a slug of soda in a pint glass (or can!).  This new found popularity of whiskey is bringing with it new watering holes that specialize in whiskey, and lowering the average age of its sipper in Japan.   The article is interesting, though funded by Suntory it leans their favor, you may appreciate the tour of “Whiskey Bars” in Tokyo the video presents.  From the article:


The Japanese have long been committed whisky drinkers, and until recently that meant holing up in a small, dark den designed for serious drinking. But the country’s leading distiller has been revolutionising drinking culture with the aid of a pint glass and a more than generous slug of soda.

The whisky highballs introduced by Suntory, the privately owned Japanese drinks conglomerate that has the lion’s share of the country’s whisky market, seem to have worked. Sales have been up more than 10% a year over the past three years.

The group’s Yamazaki distillery on the outskirts of Japan‘s imperial city, Kyoto, is the home of Japanese whisky and this year is celebrating its 90th anniversary. It is often forgotten outside Japan that as well as importing large quantities of scotch, the Japanese make their own malts. Indeed, more than 80% of the domestic market is accounted for by whisky produced in Japan. As in the UK, whisky drinkers were by tradition male and relatively old, but targeting younger drinkers with the highball has changed all that…

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