Monthly Archive June 2010

ByRay Proper
Jun 04, 2010

The Nagoya Barbarians Rugby Club

nagoya_barbarians_rugbyEstablished in 2003, the Nagoya Barbarians are the only international team of it’s kind in the central Japan area, and have been climbing the Aichi rugby from it’s inception as an idea penciled on a pub napkin. Team members come from all parts of the globe, and all share a commitment to: Teamwork, Goal Setting, and Ole’ fashioned “Blood, Sweat and Tears”.

Training sessions are held on Monday nights and Sunday Morning at two different Nagoya locations and when you have earned it, we will be at SHOOTERS BAR AND GRILL chilling out so come on DOWN!

The Nagoya Barbarians Rugby Club, recently promoted to the A-League, is looking for players – Japanese and foreign. Getting into a sport is a great way to meet new people and keep fit, and “rugger” is one of the better sports out there. Straight from the horse’s mouth, we have it on good authority that, “Rugby is not about getting drunk! It’s about teamwork, goal-setting, and mental and physical training.”

If this sounds like your thing, head over to right now!