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Dec 14, 2009


You perhaps couldn’t tell it driving down the street, but Komaki City is a great place for expats to go on a Sunday shopping expedition or afternoon out. Here are some things Komaki has to offer:

Komaki Pool (Open 10am-8pm on school holidays, 1pm-8pm weekdays, Closed Mondays) Ph: 0568-78-0102 
This indoor heated pool is public and so cheap to get in, and it also has water slides and rubber raft ride. There is also a wave pool, which gets fairly crowded on Japanese school holidays. Please note, the pool is under renovation and will not be open again until the 8th of January next year.

Shinki-no-Mori Park (near Komaki Pool)
This park has a little petting zoo, a large children’s playground, and an artificial grass slope with plastic sleds you can use for free.

Kimble Recycle Shop (Open every day 10am – 10pm) Ph: 0568-77-8125
Kimble is a huge recycle store where you can take things you don’t need anymore (to sell, although you may not get much for it, and not everything is accepted) and where you can pick up incredible bargains on just about anything. You can buy furniture, crockery, non-perishable groceries, clothes, even wedding dresses!

Cibrasil in Villa Nova Brazilian Arcade Ph: 0568-74-3826
This Brazilian arcade has several shops, but notably, a really good restaurant upstairs and a really good butcher downstairs at the back where you can get unusual cuts of meat not available in other places, for a fairly good price. English is not necessarily spoken, so be prepared for quite the cultural experience if you’re looking for something specific and you don’t speak Portuguese.

Powers Shopping Center (Open 10am – 8pm) Ph: 0568-41-2241
Just a hop, skip and jump away from Kimble and Cibrasil is Powers, which boasts a large supermarket where you can buy cheap groceries, including really large cuts of meat you don’t find elsewhere. They also sell whole frozn chickens.

Airport Walk Komaki
This shopping centre was renovated from what used to be the International Terminal of Nagoya Airport, so you can park your car on the runway before you go in! There are cinemas, restaurants, and all the other fun stuff you usually find in a shopping center, and there is also a really huge ball pool / entertainment center for the kiddies.

Mansai Furniture (Open 10am to 7pm) Ph: 052-902-7151
This large furniture shop features import and other furniture at rock bottom prices. Some of the furniture has been slightly damaged in transit or on the floor, but the prices always make up for the slight wear. It’s very close to Airport Walk

If you need a map to any of the above, please use the link below through Google Maps:

View Komaki X-Pat Map in a larger map

View Komaki X-Pat Map in a larger map